Monday, November 26, 2012

Exploration 11

While researching on Nelson Mandela i found a few interesting points. I never realized Mandela was descended from royal blood. I figured he grew up in the apartheid he worked to abolish. I always assumed he was totally nonviolent but Mandela was the leader of the armed wing of ANC. This armed wing had plans for gorilla warfare if nothing went as they had planned.

I had originally never heard of Frederik de Klerk. After some research i discovered he was the one who truly ended apartheid. I also found that he earned the Nobel Peace Prize along with Mandela. He was the one who pardoned Mandela out of jail and was soon after succeeded by him. dalai lama is the head monk in Tibetan Buddhism. After turmoil in Tibet the Dalai Lama was forced out of the country into India and created a mass migration with his followers. The Chinese criticize the Dalai Lama because he spent much of his life in India and have called him Indian in spirituality.


  1. I found that he was the leader of the ANC but I didn't they had planned on doing gorilla warfare if they had to

  2. i always thought that he was completely peaceful as well i never knew this. great info