Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exploration 8

       Throughout that documentary there was a lot said and done. Leaving me with questions on questions. I think to myself why and how could someone do this to some one that is so innocent. This makes me think of how corrupted everything has become. How come nothing was done to them and so many people knew?
       The fact that money stimulates the brain like cocaine does shows why they did it with out any remorse. It seems like they have so much power above any one. In today's world money equals power, but how come that money is greater than the government. That the government is to afraid to arrest them or is it that they know because of their money that they won't stay in prison. 
      The fact that we can see the way that big corporations are really run. They don't really don't really care about us. they do anything they can just to get money. But we also have to see that this is one side of them. But we can also conclude from the way that the men that did interacted with the interview and how much of them didn't do interview too. I think that most of them knew that  they were in the wrong. 

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  1. To say your post really made me think is an understatement. Watching this movie made me angry, but you make some great points in the fact that this is one aspect of their lives. They were certainly wrong in what they did and the way they did it, and I agree that those who would not be interviewed most likely knew they were wrong. Thinking about this from the perspective that money stimulates the same part of the brain makes me view these people as addicts. Having had friends who were previously addicted to cocaine, I know it is no easy thing to give up. First they have to realize that they have a problem, and then typically need to go to rehab. Prison would not only have punished them for these crimes, but perhaps given them a sort of rehabilitation? Interesting points to ponder!