Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exploration 8

Devon L. Hardwick
6 - Nov. - 2012

        As I have studied history over the years, I realize (just as everyone who studies history) that if it teaches us anything today, is that history repeats itself.  Through this film we can see how history has repeated itself, because the same mistakes were make by man, as they did not learn from the events which took place during the Great Depression.  Many of the facts presented here in this film are troubling to me, but above all the most troubling to me is that these men did not learn from the past.  We can see what happened to the United States during and after the Great Depression, to contemplate the fact that this might happen again to the people of the country.  It was stated in the film, "at the end of the day, as always, the poorest people pays the most," at the time of the Great Depression and still today this stands true, the rich continue to get richer and the poor get poorer.  History teaches us this, but I am so very afraid that we will never learn from what it is teaching the future generations of Americans. http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-great-depression-of-the-21st-century-collapse-of-the-real-economy/10977


  1. "... that if it teaches us anything today, is that history repeats itself."

    Exactly. One has to wonder if they people who started to ignore regulations just didn't care about the outcome or were simply blinded by greed. Or both for that matter.

    We are seeing so many parallels between the Great Depression and the current situation. From people out of jobs and living in tent cities/Hoovervilles to the poor stock market (which has been doing mildly better in recent months, but not by much).

  2. Good connection with history repeating itself, that is why history is so important to study. We studied some of the reformers in my American Reform class and they were speculating for bad investments in the 1920's just like they did leading up to 2008.

  3. I also believe that. We learn History so it doesn't repeat its self, well that what we are told over and over throughout school. But as we grow and learn we know that it is not correct. We see it repeating over and over. Money though is a hard thing to fight against. its a drug, its what make the world go round. something no person can get enough of. I think as it as the rich will never learn their lesson, because of their amount of money they have. Maybe one day we will see the great depression again. I hope not but we are going in the direction of it

  4. I agree with Holly very good insight here. I feel this disaster could have thrown us all into a depression but not one of those men would have care or would have come to our rescue and it would be their fault.

    I hope history will not repeat itself again. Sometimes it takes something like this to 'Wake Up' people.

  5. This is really true that history repeats itself as we have evidence. It is very shocking to see that after going through the struggles people went through during great depression you would think that people incharge learned their lesson. But, according to the facts, they have not. They are all looking after their own good and not the people. I wonder why they have not been held accountable for not doing their jobs right.

  6. I like how you tied it in with the great depression. I agree that history repeats itself