Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exploration 8

     The Inside Job is a great film with tons of information. Watching it I had tons of question and wasn't sure what to make of everything, but thinking about it now it makes better sense. Its insane to think that all the big banks, and the people high up in those banks were exchanging billions and billions of dollars without the rest of us Americans knowing anything.
     The good thing to come of this film is that people watching it will hopefully be more informed and make wise decisions now. It'll really make them think about the way they are doing their banking and could quite possibly make them change their ways. Hopefully most Americans that have seen this film will really do their research and educate themselves to prevent this from happening again. Parents need to teach their children how to be smart with their money, by doing that we could try to keep this from happening again.
    Keeping our selves up to date is very important to prevent this from happening again, and by doing some research and reading the news it isn't hard to find out what is going on in the world. With and informed opinion modern families could protect themselves from a financial crisis affecting them in a major way.
     I feel though that as long as we don't put all our trust and assets into the corporate world we should be able to prevent this from happening again


  1. I also thought that there was tons of information in the film. I agree with you on how you said that parents need to educate their kids so they are save with their money.

  2. Yeah I agree with you that we need to be aware of our history. But I dont think the problem with these bankers is their large living. I beleive that their disregard for morals is what spelled their downfall

  3. The info presented in Inside Job was overwhelming, but good. Like you said, people need to consider how they go about their banking. Local credit unions would be the best I could think of along with avoid loans at all cost if possible.

    My only issue is that is there really anything the average American can do to change the system? We have this 1% who make millions, if not billions, of dollars and live a life where things are just kind of brushed off, and a government that either ignores it or is promoting it. Can we get regulations in? Who do we need to elect to actually get this sort of change?

  4. I disagree with Nathaniel because I believe it is the bankers. it stared with them and they all knew what the outcome could possibly bring but all they cared about was their own gain.

    Yes they have lost their morals and values on being a decent person but they knew early on and they choose not to tell someone, they did this because they did not want to lose all their goodies.

    Good insight but on this comment I had to be honest.

  5. It's difficult not to put our trust into those corporations or those banks considering they are the one who fund the loans that we get to buy our houses, cars, even our schooling. If it wasn't for the rich, we wouldn't be able to purchase a lot of things we use. However, they shouldn't be so manipulative with our money. They make things sound attractive, like credit cards for college students, but they don't really seek to help us, they seek to make money off of our lack of money.

  6. I think you are definatly right about how people need to be aware of how corrupt the big banks are and how their money is actually being used. It is important for each one of us to act against corruption and in order for us to do that we need to be aware of what goes on around the financial system.