Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exploration 9

I actually really enjoyed photograph 4: “Seven Million Londoners”.  When I first read the essay this photo stuck out to me the least.  But then reading back over it, I read the CONSIDERING THE IMAGE and they suggested looking closely at the individuals in the crowd.  And when I did, I could see each person’s individual story.  The article means so much, but I think it has a smaller picture as well.  I think that is that there are so many people on this earth and sometimes we forget and feel we are the only ones and the world revolves around us.  It is sad to see how much anger and annoyance appeared on everyone in this picture.   Everyone’s face is tight, most of their arms are crossed, hardly anyone seems to be talking to anyone and no one is smiling.  In today’s society everyone is in such a hurry and forget to look around them and remember how lucky they are to be here.  And one thing I think this essay points out is that it is the same all over the world.  You could go to Chicago, NYC, China, London, etc. but no matter what, these individuals get blurred together and we forget what kind of impact these cities have on the world’s diminishing resources.  If I had to do a photo essay, I think one really cool idea would be to go around to 10 major countries’ capital and just take a picture of an everyday day.  With this as my topic:  The argument would be what are cities doing to our society.  The comparison would be comparing all the capitals and seeing what they did and did not have in common.  Problem/solution would be if the big cities were causing a problem and if it is possible to fix.  I would try to see what the problem started from and when cities became bad.  I am actually am very interested in this topic. 

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  1. I love your views on this photo. I have gone back and looked at it diferently. I see a lot of the same things you but it also says to me 'Confusion' so many people jamed together and wherenare they all going.. thanks for the in sight.