Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exploration 8

I do not believe that there is a problem with living large.  I do believe that treading on those below is an un-honorable act.  I believe that the blatant disregard for morals is the major problem with the Wall-Street types.
I found it interesting that the Documentary did not mention the Unions.  Because the primary reasons that large businesses move their production overseas is because in the 60’s and 70’s the Unions outlived their purpose and priced themselves out of a job.  They unemployed the very people they were created to protect.  These Wall-Street players are or well-connected elites who create interest groups by pooling their power and influence.  Though many time members of the interest groups are competitors, they put aside their differences for a greater good.  They often endorse candidates and donate to their campaigns, so that when the official gets into office they can pass laws that benefit the companies or organizations.  The end goal of an interest group is The Iron Triangle

            The Iron Triangle is small, informal group of bureaucrats, legislators, and lobbyists who attempt to make laws which will benefit all parties involved.  Though slightly out dated, The Iron Triangle is a perfect example of elitism.  The triangle starts with large corporations lobbying for and in short placing officials in office.  The officials then work together to pass or prevent laws to benefit the lobbyists that got them into office.
            Some may say that such a system is unfair and corrupt, they would have a point.  People in these situations do have an immense amount of power, and power corrupts.  These men might take advantage of their power.  People say they live too large, and too fast.  They owe something to society, something more than the rest of us.  They should give more because they have more to give.  Though some may see it as wrong that people form alliances to gain power and wealth.  I believe that this disapproval is based mainly on jealousy.  Most people don’t have a problem with wealth and power if they are the ones wielding.  It would be pleasant if everyone just shared everything, including power.  But there is no room in our DNA for such actions.
No matter what happens in life, someone will always have an immense amount of power.  Whether people seize power through a military uprising, or whether they start at the bottom of the sociocultural totem pole and work their way up, with superior business tactics and strategies someone will always be on top.  In comparison to a Fidel Castro situation, This Wall-Street mentality is not very corrupt at all.
I do not believe that people who work their way to the top should be rewarded, however, I do not think they should be punished and demonized for their success and evident business prowess.  They should be allowed to exert the influence they earned, and they should be allowed to secure a lucrative future for their children and grandchildren.  Wall-Streeters are just intelligent people doing intelligent things.
I do not believe that people can say things like “If I had money like that I would give back more the community.”  What are you doing right now for your community?  And you cannot cop out by saying that you are just barely getting by.  Look at the people in Africa, they starve to death every day.  Wealth is relevant.  If you do not do good things with the money you have now, then you would never do anything more if you were in the shoes of the “Evil Wall-Streeters” who we are all supposedly so much better than.


  1. I agree with the idea that wealth is totally relevant. but societies usually have a "take care of their own mentality." In an example we spend way more on Americans who are starving than Africans who are actually starving and dying.

  2. On the "livin' it up and large" idea, but to do it taking risks on other peoples' assets and savings is totally wrong. Especially when these men get to keep everything they own once their systems collapse. It's bulls**t... Yep I said it. Good post though, and I liked how you included the facts about the unions running themselves out of America... but that is a different conversation. Cheers!

    1. they have the right to take bets with the money that people give to them to bet with. its their job. I'm not saying its right. but I don't think its wrong