Wednesday, November 28, 2012

exploration 11

i did research on south africa and what i find out is that south africa's their economy has been improving. in fact the countries economy is better than its surrounding countries.  just like the USA, south africa also had a recession in 2009 but the world cup that was held in 2010 in the country helped boost their economy.  one thing that the country is struggling with is their crime rate. there are a lot of rapes, murders. i also found out that many people take rhino horns to sell.

                                     The 14th Dali Lama receiving the nobel peace prize in 1989

the 14th dali lama is a spiritual leader, he is a monk.  The main thing he does is to try to restore peace in tibet and around the world.  China has a big problem with him because part of his movement is to end communist and he made a plan for the country of tibet to become a democracy.  he changed the lives of the people in tibet.  thanks to him tibetans have more rights now, and just like every other democracy they chose their leaders. he has won many awards for promoting freedom and peace.  one of those awards include the nobel peace price in 1989.

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