Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exploration 8

Inside Job was a much needed documentary.  American needs to be taught the truthful facts about what is really going on.  The documentary was done it a very sarcastic and edgy, way but still full of correct information. It was able to tie in both our anger and heartbreak emotions.   The most important thing to take from this film is the people that were involved with the finical crisis of 2008.  The movie and some research shows that some of the people most to blame are people that are supposed to be heroes.  When I research the top 25 people most to blame names from George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Alan Greenspan were all listed.  These are men that our own government has honored.  However, they are all criminals.  I think this is so important because I feel this is where Americans are the most ill-informed.  I think it is absolute wrong that we put people in office and in charge of our country that make risky decisions with our money.  The list of people is never ending.  But most of these people got away with their crimes.  They almost all got to keep their money and some where even paid to leave quietly.    I wish the film would have given more information on what happened to these criminal.  I would have been very interested to learn if many did time or had to pay fines.  The movie seemed to be a little incomplete in this topic.  They had all their crimes and evidence but no sentences.  Political parties are a major problem in today society.  It puts a huge split through Americans today.  However, in Wall Street, all parties love them.  I feel it is mainly because they control so much of America’s money.  You really have to be on their good side.  Reforms need to be made.  We need to go back to the decisions one made with our money would affect their paycheck.   

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