Wednesday, November 14, 2012

  Rhonda Hero
  English 1110
  Exploration 9
  November 14, 2012 

                                                           Exploration 9

     The photo I chose was #5 Car wrecks in Baerum, Norway, Summer 1997.  I love this photo because it says so much.  Junked, wrecked cars piled high on top of each other becomes art.  It says to me that each one of these cars once ran, were new, went and traveled many places, had families at one time.  I look at them and I want to know the stories behind each one.
      For me my first car was a beater as they called it.  Rusted, hole in the side, sometimes it would start sometimes it would not.  Many a day I kicked it because it would let me down.  It alway seemed to do this when it was rainning to beat the band or it was below freezing outside.  None the less it was my car, my friend.  It was a Datsun S210 blue 4 door and it was great on gas.  I was ashamed of how it looked at times and I remmeber complaining alot about it flaws ,faults, how it let me down, how it looked, how it would be dependable at times, then other times it be stubbon as a human.  I called my little car 'little blue'. 
     Little blue ended up going to the junk pile and before I took it there I wrote a brief summary about me. I told when and where I bought it. Where I went, how long I had it, good things, bad things about it and my thoughts when I had owned it.  Sounds strange but I felt who ever might take it from the wreckage might want some history.  I am alot like this photo.  My life, all our lives get junked up at times.  We have faults where somedays we are good, some bad, we have lots of engery at times, we get up and go on slow mode other days.  We worry about how we look, if we shine enough to impress others. We as humans let each other down and we let ourselves down at times.  We are our best friend or we can be our own worst emeny.  I think I was alot like my little car.  It took this photo to bring this out in me. 
    Seeing this photo many emotions surface.  Sadness, wonder, excitment, happiness, cursoisty and beauty.  This photo is a piece of art and I would love to try and recreat something simlar to it so I could have it in my home.  I see things so differently I guess either I'm werid or it's because of the writer and artist in me. It can be a curse sometimes.  This was an a fun exploration for me. 

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