Sunday, December 2, 2012

Exploration 12

The ideas that seemed the most important in the documentary was that the health of the animals who are being raised for produce along with the quality of our food is sacrificed for efficiency, even though it has been proven that the "free roaming" organic method is more cost effective due to the high overall health of the animals. I think more economic facts should have been given, which may be found in other documentaries or through organizations like PETA. "Americans fear only one thing, inconvenience" this quote was from one of the organic farmers roomate in college who was from Pakistan, the quote just shows how Americans will let animals suffer and the quality of our food suffer just so that we can get more food and get it fast.


  1. I picked the same quote! i think it gave power to the film. Good post! i agreee with you completely

  2. I agree with you that more information needs to be given. However, many different places should be looked at for info because many people are very biased and we need to get all of the info. I also picked the same quote.

  3. We may need more information, but this film, to me atleast, gave me the want to go and look for more and to see first hand what is going on in the world today.