Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chapter 22 Abby and Paul

There are quite a few characters in this chapter like: Tom, Ma Joad, Mr. Thomas, Timothy, Wilkie, Jim Rawley, Mrs. Sandry, Rose of Sharon, Pa Joad, Al, and Uncle John.

In this chapter the Joads came across the Weedpatch camp where migrants basically govern themselves. It was nicely kept and avoided as much corruption as possible. Tom meets Timothy and Wilkie Wallace who take him to the ranch they have been working on to try to get him a job. Mr. Thomas explains the Farmers' Associate. They were planning to send investigators on Saturday to spy on suspected communists. Ma Joad is visited by Jim Rawley who makes her feel welcomed and almost human-like again. A religious women, Mrs. Sandry warns Rose of Sharon about the sins that go on. Pa, Al, and Uncle John return without jobs but Tom is now employed giving some hope to the family.

The themes in this chapter were the heartache and disappointment that searching for jobs can have on a family, which didn't really change much with today's times. Luckily we have better opportunities now then they did. Another theme is being welcomed with advice and care. Ma Joad was welcomed by Jim which turned her outlook around a little. Also Rose of Sharon was given advice by Mrs. Sandry about the sins going on. The last theme I really picked up on was the hardships of not being paid what you deserved. They got screwed really when it came to pay, they had to take what they could get and deal with it or have no job. Luckily, we have minimum wage now so we are legally obligated to get at least that.

-How would life have been different if they had a required minimum wage like today?

-Imagine of you were a character in this novel, how would your outlook on life change?


  1. I think that if there was a minimum wage requirement back then, the family would be a little better off than what they were, but they would not have to put up with shady employers trying to cut them out of what is rightfully theirs. Also, if I was a character in this book, it would most definitely be Tom. Not really a fighter, but tough; not really a killer, but would choose someone elses fate before I let that someone else choose mine. I can relate to Tom because we are one in the same. He is an adventurer who handles anything that comes his way; who is often "thrown at the wolves" and somehow emerges out on top of the situation he is faced with. I also think that it is unfortunate that, that holy-roller of a woman - who is supposedly happy in her beliefs - is causing misery to others - especially Rose of Sharon - with her janky beliefs. This kind of thing goes on in the church to this day in terms of people trying to bring down others with 'abomination' and 'eternal damnation;' most of the time, they just repeat everything that they hear from someone else without any real truth behind what they are talking about. it goes back to what we talked about in class a few weeks ago regarding rhetoric. It is easier to take and believe what we are told rather than to think for ourselves; to do a little homework and make a proper judgment from there. Great work here...

  2. I think that the minimum wage we have today is a great thing for protecting people from being exploited by employers, but it is still not enough to live off of. It could have kept the large farmers from taking advantage of the desperate people at the time. If I was one of the characters I would feel like there was at least a little bit of hope for making it out of poverty, with Tom getting a job.