Monday, October 8, 2012

          I found chapter thirteen very interesting. They find a dead dog on the road. Their grandfather ends up dying as well.  They are not allowed to bury him for it is against the law. But, they end up doing it anyways with having the family and the preacher their. It is so depressing to read that they couldn't even bury him, let alone a proper funeral. It shows that without money you couldn't do anything. It is not only affecting the people but also the animals. As they are just running around everywhere, probably starving. Nobody can take care of them as people are trying to feed themselves.
       People are rushing from one place to another, running after money.The fat man talks about how people are going somewhere and they all got somewhere to go.My favorite passage is " I don' know what the country's comin' to," the fat man continued. His complaint had shifted now and he was no longer talking to or about the Joads. "Fifty-six cars a folks go by ever; day, folks all movin; west with kids an' househo' stuff. Where they goin'? what they gonna do?". I think the theme would be the country if falling apart without the money, that they are going to be end up like grandpa and the dog.



  1. Well said, It is sad to think there was a time of unrest like that.. To not have a place to live, to feel like it is your own. To just wake up and each day your in limbo.. Not to bury people or anmials how sad and how destrubing it must have been for themm Love the insight.. The world coming to the end is a ttile I would call it.. or Is the world going crazy???I have lots of feelings about this chapter...good write. Rhonda

  2. Indeed, their world has fallen apart, and it seems like everything else (outside of their world) is falling down too. Things were definitely not how they once were for the family, and soon they realize that its not only them - but folks around them who are suffering at the hands of the "monster." This is crucial insight because we seen some of the same things happening today; in the midst of turmoil people only look out for themselves and it seems that no one can be trusted.