Monday, October 15, 2012

One theme that i found all through out the book was family and hard work. These themes pop up a lot in the reading. To this people family is an important part of their lives, the reason why they move west is for their family, to give them a better future, to be able to provide for them. In chapter 19 the guy walks into the shop and asks to get 10 cents worth of bread. That is all the money he has and he does it so he can feed his family. When the kids ask for candy he spends his last cent on them as well. In the book family is everything, they all do work, they break their work out so everyone has something to do. This makes it easier on the family when everyone is helping. The other theme that i saw through out the book was hard work. These people want a piece of land, but they just don't want the piece of land to be given to them, they want to work the land and work for it.
Famous Picture of a migrant mother and her family


  1. Im with you on the hard work, the migrants aren't expecting anything to be given to them, they want to earn it and are more than willing to do so.

  2. this picture is so powerful.. it needs no words to say how she feels and the children.. powerful..

  3. I agree with you because there are people out there that dont want to be given things, they want to work for it.