Monday, October 15, 2012

Exploration 7

For this exploration I researched the theme grapes of wrath. In chapter twenty the theme that pops up is grapes of wrath. On page 335, in my book this theme starts as,

        "When ya get 'em picked, ever' goddamn one is picked. There ain't another damn thing in that part a the country to do. An' then them owners don' want you there no more. Three thousan' of you. The work's done. You might steal, you might get drunk, you might jus' raise hell. An' besides, you don' look nice, livin' in ol' tent; an' it's pretty country, but you stink it up. They don' want you aroun'. So they kick you out, they move you along. That's how it is." to work

This paragraph is describing how hard it is to get work in California. Knowing how bad everyone wants so, the owners pay a certian amount of money for working. That ment that the people had to decide if they wanted to work for money if not, they were replaced.

Today, this is why we have a minimum wage when we work at places. The owners of the places just have to pay minimum wage or more for people to work.

 In this picture it shows what these certian states what there minimum wage is. This what they have to atleast pay people this much.


  1. It is so sad that the owners would take advantage of the poor travelers like this. It is also sad that California was such a let down. They were excepting it to be great and beautiful and full of choices but really it was the same thing. It does make it better that we have learned and grown enough to now have a set minimum rage.

  2. Nice picture choice. It is interesting to see that Ohio, Vermont, Oregon, and Washington all have their minimum wage set higher than the federal national standard.