Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ThE gRaPeS oF wRaTh

I think chapter 13 is the most important chapter so far because a lot happens in it. The Joad family meets the Wilson's which in the end they are going together to California. The reason for this is the Wilson have more room in there car to take people and there stuff can go on the truck. They were thinking about the less tension on the truck. Well they stopped for the night Granpa dies which they bury him illegally.

I have a few themes that I found in this chapter, one is human family which is shown on pg. 184, 191, 192, and 202. a few more is endurances, a quest for the dollar, symbolism, and the bond between land and people. I think the important one is symbolism because on page 197,
         "Can't he'p it" said Tom. "They'd dig 'im right up, an' we'd get it for brekin' the law. You
          know what I get if I break the law."
This is foreshadowing of what might happen to Tom later in the book. Since he was breaking parole by leaving state boundaries and illegally burying his garndfather, he might be forced to leave his famiy to keep himself.

The passage that I thought was great is
        Casy said, " He was foolin', all the time. I think he knowed it. An' Grampa didn' die tonight. 
        He died the minute you took 'im off the place."
        "You sure a that?" Pa cried.
        "Why, no. Oh, he was breathin'," Casy went on, "but he was dead. He was the place, an' he
        knowed it."
        Uncle John said, "Did you know he was a-dyin'?"
        "Yeah," said Casy. "I knowed it."
This shows the Bond Between Land People by the Grampa was, in a way like Muley Graves. Grampa was attached to the land, he would rather die than leave. Though, Grampa was drugged and force to leave, he left his soul behind. Casy knew this about Grampa and he sensed that he was going to die.


  1. We share the same view on Grampa and the land. You figure, he went out 50 years prior to this chapter, and made that land what it was. He put his heart and soul into, had a family, and was a dedicated farmer to the land. To be kicked off that land might not be as big as a deal to the kids (Pa and John), but to Grampa, he was robbed of his soul.

  2. I agree with what you said about the grampa's soul belonging to the land. He died because he was heartbroken and was forced to leave his land. It really shows the bond the people had with their homes.