Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chapter 23-24. Kyle and Noah

Summary-  Chapter 23 is another chapter that gives us a look at the way of life during 1930's. It tells about a regiment of troops having to kill an indian and not wanting to, it also describes what a camp could be like and how everyone comes together through different things, such as their music and dances. Chapter 24 is on the night of the big dance in the Joad's camp, and how the men plan to stop a riot that they heard people are going to try and start. We are introduced to a couple of characters Ezra Huston, Willie Eaton, and Jule. They play a key part in stopping the riot before it ever starts.

Critical thinking - Themes we found important would be Rose of Sharons pregnancy, sense of security,  and duty. Question 1- Why does 23 describe the music being played and how it is played so much?
Question 2- In chapter 24 why do the cops want a riot to breakout at the dance, and why did the man Tom gets a job working for feel the need to warn them about the riot?

Compare & Contrast- Comparing the situation in the book where the Oakies are migrating to California for work is somewhat like our problem with illegal immigrants now. While the oakies are citizens of the U.S., the people of California saw them as natives to their state and didn't want to accept them. Illegal immigrants aren't citizens of our nation, and a lot of times they are treated like the oakies where, we bid work to them for way cheaper than we could to a citizen of the U.S. and they are willing to do it because they are desperate and just want to provide for their families.

Contrast- In chapter 21 the California locals form armed bands to terrorize the okies and put them in their place, but in 24 when they are trying to start a riot during the dance the okies didn't form a group and beat them, they treated them with respect. The okies showed the Californians that they aren't just animals like they have been treating them, but that they are human beings and they are understanding.


  1. yeah i agree. also a reoccuring theme seems to be the judgmental ideals some of the christians in the camp in contrast to the jaods who are christians but don't judge the acts of everyone around them

  2. I think it would have been so cool to see what these camps were really like. I do agree with you guys and nathaniel. both are very common reoccuring themes.

  3. Good questions. I like how you point out that the okies proved that they weren't animals by stopping a fight. You forgot to put two quotes on here though, and it would have been nice to see how your quotes applied to the summaries of the chapters and questions.

  4. It is interesting to think about the illegal aliens today being compared to the Okies, because that was how they were pretty much treated. It had to have made the people in California fear losing their jobs, because there would be so many people fighting for the few positions open.