Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chapter 22 Nicole and Clay

In chapter 22 their are many different charters. Joad,Tom, Timothy, Wilkie Wallace, Ma, Jim Rawley, Mrs. Sandry, Rose, Sharon, Pa, Al and Uncle Tom.

What happening in 22 is Joads's group went looking for jobs. They found on but they went able to get paid to much, 25 cents a day is all they can give. The owner would like to give more but the police were camping out and arresting labor organizers and evicting the migrants. That is all he could give. Jim went to go see Ma and made her feel like a person again since all this. Pa, Al and Uncle John did not find jobs that day. Joads group ended up taking the jobs "we was farm people till the debt and then-them people. they done somepin to us." talking about how there life was before the depression and after thins passage talk about the life after a little. "the camp had begun to come to life. at the new fires the women worked, slicing meat,kneading the dough for the morning's bread and the men were stirring about the tents and about the automobiles. The sky was rosy now. in front of the office a lean old man rake the ground carefully. he so dragged his rake that the tine marks were straight and deep" this passage show how there life was going back to the way that it should. little by little they work to make it the same.

The themes in this chapter is searching for jobs, something that we can relate to in our time as well. Jobs then with the economy were hard to find, with owners not being able to pay people for their work and big busniesses going under. Another theme is kindness. With the kindness that Jim gave to Ma it made her feel different about herself. Kindness as it is like a lost thing with our time.

Does cruelty to humanity have its limits? (why do humans feel like they have to demonize and oppress each other in hard times.)
Why do you think that the police are trying to move the people back?

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