Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grapes of Wrath ch. 12-15

I thought that Ch. 13 was the most important chapter because Grampa died.  The theme i saw in this chapter was Death and Family.  The reason I thought death was a theme is because a family member dies. The reason I thought family was a theme is because when Grampa died it made them as a family become closer because they all had to deal with a death it the family and thats never an easy thing to do.

"Granma was still then.  And outside the tent all the noise had stopped.  A car whished by on the highway.  Casy still knelt on the floor beside the mattress.  The people outside were listening, standing quietly intent on the sounds of dying.  Sairy took Granma by the are and led her outside, and Granma moved with dignity and held her head high.  She walked for the family and held her head straight for the family.  Sairy took her to a mattress lying on the ground and sat her down on it.  And Granma looked straight ahead, proudly, for she was on show now.  The tent was still, and at last Casy spread the tent flaps with his hands and stepped out."
I chose this section because it showed how Granma was dealing with the death and that she was holding her head high for her family.  That section is why I thought family was a theme for this chapter.


  1. I think that death in a family can also sometimes bring everyone together and chapter 13 shows how Granma was staying strong for the family.

  2. I think that death was stressed more in this chapter as not only the grandpa but also the dog dies too. It kind of goes to show that the situation that every one is right now might lead to a complete destruction.

  3. I thought this was kind of a sad chapter because the death. One death can greatly effect a family and grandpa dying came at a time where it is very important to stick together and not just fall apart.