Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Grapes of Wrath

I believe that chapter 15 was most important to me because it shows that even during the hard times a stranger could help you out. I believe that it goes against what most of the depression was, with all the deceitful tactics that were used to take advantage of people traveling west. It shows that if you do good for someone then someone else might do something good for you, like the waitress getting a very good tip from the truck drivers for helping out the guy who needed to buy bread for his family.
     "The man got in and started his car, and with a roaring motor and a cloud of blue oily smoke the ancient Nash climbed up on the highway and went on its way to the west.
     Big Billl wheeled back."Them wasn't two-for-a-cent candy" he said.
     "Whats it to you?" Mae said fiercely."
I thought that this was important because it shows what may did above and beyond just selling them bread because she saw the condition that the family was in.

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  1. You're very right, it certainly shows that not everyone fit the stereotypes and some went out of their way to help others!