Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Grapes of Wrath Chapter 13

The chapter I found most interesting was chapter thirteen because it included a lot of information. It talked about the Wilson's and Granpa dying. It introduced us to the gas station owner and gave us a feel of how many people were moving to California just like the Joad's. The environment was bad because they would steal from the gas station but they had no money to buy anything. They were desperate. The theme I see in this chapter is when you need to provide for your family you will do about anything. Times are tough and people need a better life and they are doing about anything they have to in order to get it.

"Life began to move again. The sun touched the horizon and flattened over it. And along the highway there came a long line of huge freight trucks with red sides. They rumbled along, putting a little earthquake in the ground, and the standing exhaust pipes sputtered blue smoke from the Diesel oil. One man drove each truck, and his relief man slept in a bunk high up against the ceiling,. But the trucks never stopped; they thundered day and night and the ground shook under their heavy March. The family became a unit. " I like this passage because it just outlines the roads and the journey it will require of them until they get to California to start this new life. Life keeps going whether you stop or you persevere. It isn't going to stop for you.


  1. this chapter is a really good chapter. I like how it sets up the move to the east and I choose 14 cause it has the point of view of the east with them not knowing what was going on in the west. this chapter is very important and they passage you pick is so descriptive that you can just put yourself there.

  2. I like this chapter as well, it shows how far you are willing to go to provide for your family and work so they have a better life

  3. I agree about how the characters are willing to do anything for their families. I like the quote you chose because it really shows how life was moving west and the sensory details are very good and help you to make a clear picture in your mind of what is going on.