Monday, October 15, 2012

One theme that I have been noticing throughout the readings is disunity between people. People are constantly being cruel, distrustful, unhappy etc with each other. Times like the great depression when everyone is in need and helpless, people should be coming together to find solutions, to support and to meet each other's needs. But, in the book, people are seperating from each other and constantly complaining. They are just thinkng about themselves. They are unwilling to help each other out. People are selfish which leads to one looking down upon the other or trying to take anything that the other person has.

selfish world
      I think that this theme is still alive today, as the times get rough, people start to get rough with each other and become selfish. Although, I think that even when we are doing just fine, we tend to just not be satisfied with what we have and try to strive to get more and more for ourselves. Our selfish actions only leads to unrelational and cruel world and that is exactly what I see in the book. The farmers are looked down upon by those who have money but are still not happy. They are being cruel to the poor and only looking for self gain and have no desire to help those in need.                                         


  1. I have noticed the theme you have descired here as of late; in the beginning though, the people who were traveling were helpful and mindful of each other but once they got to where they were going, and saw for themselves what they were up against; that's when most everyone was only concerned with the "I," and not with the "we." (Chapter 14) When I say 'most,' look at Tom for example. He was able to find work as soon as they got to the government camp - although him working alongside his new found friends meant under-cutting them. But for the most part you are right to say once in California, the people were selfish and undermining.

  2. I have noticed that too. Everyone seems they just want to fight with each other. Or complain about their problems. I think people were forgetting that everyone was in the same boat.