Monday, December 3, 2012

Martha Graham
As the ground touches her feet
It assists her to display herself
To express herself
Without the words of her mouth
But with the words of her elegant gait
Through her graceful arm gestures
By her beautiful body movements
She jumps in the air
Unfolding herself with grace and charm
The wind goes along to accompany her
As her feet meet up with the ground again
She brings the charm back from the wind
Then she proceeds to express herself
The emotions are dancing around her
Travel along with her body
 The viewer, I am, motionless
Is she sad?
Is she angry?
Is she?
It’s like an invitation to relate
As I let my own emotions join her
I am lost in her world
As she continues to tell me the story
As her beautiful movements sink me in
They are conversing with me
How brilliantly they communicate to me
She speaks to my heart via dance
She is the one
She is Martha Graham



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