Sunday, December 2, 2012

Exploration 12

The documentary Fresh was a very eye opening for me, I never realized how they raised animals for meat  at, more or less, a factory. It's crazy that they don't really care about the condition the cows, pigs, or chickens are in when they slaughter them, instead they are more worried about mass producing the animals to turn a profit. But yet the mass-produced products are slowly killing us and causing major health problems. To then to see the night and day difference of the smaller farmers who have at the most a couple hundred animals and are actually concerned about the health of them. Will Allen realized the importance of organically grown plants and animals and hasn't let the fact that he lives in the middle of Milwaukee stop him from growing his own vegetables, he also is teaching people by giving them tours of his farm and the information they need to start on their own. Americans need to be less concerned about convenience and more concerned about their health. I think that everyone needs to see this movie so they will realize where the meat they are buying is coming from, and the health of the animals they are eating.


  1. I agree, Americans do need to be less concentrated on convenience and more concerned about the qaulity

  2. I feel terrible for eating anything because of how the animals are treated :( They go through so much pain and I don't think the farmers understand they are animals too. We don't want to be injected with hormones so we can be killed quicker, neither do the animals.

  3. Will Allen little farm would be worth seeing. To only own 3 acres, and to do that much with it, is simply mind blowing.