Monday, December 3, 2012

Exploration 12: Fresh

“Americans fear only one thing: inconvenience.” 

To start Fresh with this quote was a wise choice. I believe we are new breed to humanity, one that will only accept things, be it food or electronics, if it fits into our fast-paced life styles.  If not for processed food, we would have to sit down to a family meal, and God forbid we do such a thing in the 21st century.

One of the most important ideas, or bits of info, that I thought was good was on monocultures.  When I think of a farm, I don’t think of one dedicated to just chickens or just cows or just whatever. I think back to my grandpa Prater’s farm and apple orchard where he had chickens, cows, and horses all living together while the main source of income was the corn crop and apples. Of course, we see these monoculture farms everywhere. A pig farm near Marion (that I drive always past while holding my breath) is near the Killdeer Plains. Like the documentary pointed out, this farm smells foul.  
Now grant it, no farm smells like peaches, but this one example of a monoculture farm wins the ribbon for stink. If something smells that bad, one can only imagine the conditions in which the animals have to live. To walk in a confined space (if it’s even possible to move), in their own waste, possibly among dead animals is a sickening thought. These animals are not cared about because they are just money. Of course not all animals can be treated like Kobe cows, but they do deserve better than these filthy “farms”.

One area of interest that I would do more research on would be on pesticides. What exactly are the crop dusters putting on the crops? We know the animals are pumped with medications, so would that also be the case for plants?
Truth be told, after watching this, Fresh has really made me wonder about what is actually healthy.


  1. I also was trying to imagine all of the things that I eat, if they would have pesticide inside them because it was sprayed on crops from the field, and what that pesticide could do to my well being.

  2. I liked how they started the documentary off with that quote too. In one of the previous readings we did it talked about how the FDA does not directly support organic farming because it has not been shown to be any more beneficial, but the FDA is also there to support large pesticide and herbicide farming. It is scary to think about how somehting that is usually looked upon as being a reliable source might not be so reliable.

  3. During the whole documentary, I was too thinking of all the horrible things that I have eaten, and it grossed me out. So hold be to told that day I had fruit and veggies. It is sickening how farmers to put animals in confined places, with all they waste and smell I would not be able to handle it.

  4. The amount of chemicals Im consuming when i think Im eating food is disgusting. The health effects of consuming these chemicals is still up in the air. The industry is still fairly new and just like everything in history productivity has drawbacks.