Monday, December 3, 2012

Exploration 12

I thought that the documentary Fresh was very eye opening and informational. The thing that I thought was most interesting was the farmer who would move his cows and then have the chickens follow them. I know some farmers move their cows from pasture to pasture, but he was going above and beyond taking care of the land. They really stressed the importance of not relying on just one source of food or a limited number because what would happen if we lost that. "When you grow too much of the same thing, you end up with too many pests of the same thing". That is interesting to apply to farming today and just this last year with the drought devastating the crops in the Midwest and food prices immediately started to go up. We heavily rely on all of those crops to make almost all of our food and for a main commodity export for the United States. I thought that the farm in the middle of the city was a little confusing because most towns have rules against certain animals within city limits.

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  1. Yes, I'm not sure how they got away with having those animals inside the city, but it is good that they have a farm in the city, so inner city people can learn how to grow their own food.