Sunday, December 2, 2012

Caged bird

“for the caged bird sings of freedom”

Born into a racist America
Maya Angelou knew the pain
She knew the pain of a caged bird
And she knew why it shall sing
Abused at eight and told on him
The man was quickly killed
For five years Maya went mute
She thought her words were deadly
The silence brought her something new

It brought an appreciation for the world around her today
She listened, never talked, never
And heard things that were impossible before
Literature helped her break the silence
She then used literature to tell the world
To tell the world of the troubles of being black
In a racist America
Most famously she wrote of a caged bird
And why it sings, and how it dreams
And of being free
The poem brought fame, and brought light
To the life of a young black woman
In a racist America
Now she’s 84 and her career is winding down
Maya Angelou will always be known
As a moving writer, in representing her people.

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