Monday, December 3, 2012

exploration 12

i think Fresh was a really good movie.  i have watched it before and have always thought it was eye opening.  i think it is cruel what they do to the animals.  when i was little my grandma raised chickens and she not treat them like that.  i also think it is really messed up how they feed dead animals to the cows. there is no way that is healthy or good i any way.  i think the ghoverment shoudlls tep in and regulate that market and not let them do that to animals. it is just cruel.  i wish i had more money so i could eat the organic food instead of that crap.  i think the farms who raised the animals how they should be are going the right think; i think everyone should raise their animals like those farmers.  i think everyone should be informed of what is going on in the food industry and be educated on it.  I think if everyone knew what happends the majority of the people would agree that is cruel and demands for animals to be raise naturally even if prices go up a little.

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  1. Yeah, I agree how cruel they are with the animals and how they treat them like objects to get what they want. It is really sad to see that today we, humans, have become so selfish.