Monday, December 3, 2012

Fresh was a really influencial movie personally. It was shocking to hear how much the meat industries are only focused on their bussiness and weath. They have no interset in considering consumers' heath. It just seems so heartless. Technology is growing and everything is getting faster. Everyone is becoming more impatient. It is all about how fast people can get what they want and that can lead to getting something harmful. That is exactly what is happening today with food. People want food that is fast and cheap which is right now leading to the most deadly diseases out there. It is really sad. People on the other hand are fully aware of it. I think that these industries do a good job in making people aware about what their food contains, so I would say people with health issues are out of excuse. They have no reason to blame it on the food. Plus, the consumers demand fast and cheap and that is industries are going to give because they have the ability to do so. That is what helping their bussiness, and that is what they are working for. So, I think we as consumers need to rethink if we want to be healthy and strong because if they dont spend money on food then they going to spend that money in the hospital. So, it is really our choice if we choose to not consume cheap and fast food, then I am sure the industries will improve to.

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