Monday, December 3, 2012

Exploration 12 Fresh


     I am a wimp I guess because I had a really horrible time watching this movie.  I understand it's importance but I found myself ready to Stop eating all together.  I feel we could treat these animals with a little more respect and I wish those who run the animal farms were in them.  Let them be confined 24 hours a day in crap.  I could not believe my eyes that I have been buying food from these companies.  I do not have much to say and this exploration is my shortest.  Fresh opened my eyes to the cruelty that we humans have.  It's all about the mighty dollar for the companies which run these farms.  I plan to educate myself more and change my eating habits.



  1. I understand how frustrated you must be after watching this movie, especially if this is the first you have been brought aware of all of this. However, do some research, there is so much more to the story.

  2. i know how you felt. for a second i was just disgusted by meat but then i was realistic and realize i was never going to stop eating it.

  3. Yeah I agree, It is sad. I think that we, as consumers, play a role in that. We want everything fast and cheap and industries are going to stieve toward offerin us that for bussiness.