Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Exploration 12

Devon L. Hardwick

       Watching this film was truly an eye opener.  Growing up on a small farm I have always known the importance of the "small farmer" and his role in the betterment of raising livestock.  From our little farm here in Marion one can see two large hog barns, growing up all I worried about was the horaed smell that always drifted you way, not what state the poor animals inside were being kept in.  The film has presented us with several "natural" farmers who have stopped using antibiotics, but their herds continue to stay healthy, because of the conditions in which they are being kept.  As the film showed us the clips inside the "big" farms that raise chickens, looking at how they cut off their beaks and talons, this truly bothers me, I know that it is better for the other chickens, but it still bothers me.  "What I am supposed to do is leave in it better condition for the next generation than I found it."  We hear this quote many times and think well I recycle and that helps, it does, but here these farmers are truly doing what they are preaching

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