Sunday, December 2, 2012

Exploration 12: Fresh

Exploration 12
"What I am supposed to do is leave in it better condition for the next generation than I found it."
This is from the documentary Fresh we watched in class. Watching this documentary made me realize what we are really eating isn't really healthy food at all. We get the produced creation that is sold to us by industrialized businesses. What seems most important to me is that we need to pay more attention to what we are ingesting into our bodies so we can get the most benefit out of the foods we buy. I need to learn about what goes into our food so that way when we buy groceries then we can eat a healthier meal. Organic food may be more expensive but it won't kill us as fast as the hormones and pesticides used that we will take in.   


  1. Something that was brought up in my Classics class kind of goes with what you're saying. We tend not to think about what goes into our food, and if we look at the ingredients list we have preservative after preservative. Do you know that, thanks to these, when our generation is dead, our bodies will last longer then our grandparents? I'm not sure yet if this is a cool fact or horribly gross.

  2. I have decided to rethink a lot about what I eat. I am doing more reading and going to try and change things.. i had a horrible time seeing those animals in those confined inhumane conditions... good blog.

  3. Im with Rhonda, I having been eating veggies and fruit all weekend after watching that show