Monday, December 3, 2012

Exploration Twelve

I think the most important idea in the documentary Fresh was that organic food is more sustainable and better for you than chemically processed and grown foods. The documentary follows many different organic farmers who claim that their farms are far more productive than farms that use herbicides and pesticides. They make a good point about how the farmers that do use those products are pushing Mother Nature to her limits of production, and that ultimately it will end up failing sometime in the future. "We can tip the balance of nature to a certain extent, but if you tip it too far it becomes a problem." I am kind of worried about our country's future because we are such a big supplier for argriculture and if something bad happened the results would be catastrophic. I think that using pesticides and herbicides is dangerous because whatever it is that is trying to be killed will build up resistance, so over time it will get harder and harder to kill, meaning we will have to increase the amount of chemicals used, or change what is being used. It is however very hard to buy only organic food because it is so expensive.

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