Monday, December 3, 2012


I thought fresh was a great film exposing the food and agriculture system. The content was extremely biased though because they never even talked to someone that was for the opposing side. I also have never realized that this was a cause people have been donating their life to, like the man living on the two acres in the city. He attended college yet still left his job to return to the farm life he was raised in. The amount of passion these people have for good food is unimaginable for me. Even though I didn't connect deeply with the topic I still find a lot of highlights in the movie very disturbing. Especially the part where they talk about feeding dead animals to other animals and removing the beaks of chickens. This is definitely an issue that can only be changed by the vote of the dollar. The industry makes too much money and has too strong of lobbying power so despite how morally wrong their ways are the government wont intervene.

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  1. Biased... Maybe in the terms that you have mentioned, but I don't really think it was necessary to have any facts from the opposing side. They are already printed on the back of almost everything we eat. the only way the govenment will intervene is if (somehow) they stop paying their taxes...