Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Andi Perdue

Hello, my name is Andrea or I go by Andi.  I am from Bucyrus which is about 20 miles northeast, somedays it only takes me fifteen minutes to get here. The major I am going into is nursing so far, which I hope I can pursue that. I'm interested in reading, softball, singing, and having fun when I can. Right now the only thing have time to do is work and school. I love coffee but only if it is cold, hot coffee to me is nasty.

The quotes that caught my eye in "On Washing Hands' was

 "U.S Centers for Disease Control, two million Americans acquire an infection while they are in the hospital. Ninety thousand die of that infection." Its on page 207, paragraph two line one.

"hospital's statistics...we doctors and nurses wash our hands one-third to one-half as often as we are suppose." On page 207, paragraph three line ten and eleven.

 I thought this was shocking because just thinking that if doctors don't wash there hands, their giving us a infection. From now on when I got to the doctors or the hospital, I'm going to straight up and ask the doctor if he can wash his/her hands.

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  1. I feel the same way,doctors are suppose to be there to make us healthier rather than possibly givng us diseases. This writing was unsettling to say the least.