Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blog Post One

      Hi, I'm Margaret Dettra. I'm eighteen and live outside a small town not too far from here named Prospect. I went to Elgin High School which is only about twenty minutes west from here. I plan on majoring in biology. I am a lifeguard at the Marion YMCA.
     "Each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, two million Americans acquire an infection while they are in the hospital. Ninety thousand die of that infection." I found this to be very shocking because I didn't know that many Americans got disease from a hospital, and that most of it would be preventable if  all the doctors and nurses would wash their hands like they are supposed to. I feel that ninety thousand is a large amount of deaths to compromise from not completing the simple task of washing your hands. I believe that nurses and doctors should be more careful to sanitize their hands between seeing patients to avoid the spread of infection. People go to the hospital to recover from illness, not pick up another infection that could possibly kill them.

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  1. Yeah definitely some good thoughts. Also I know a lifegaurd at the Y, Mark Foley. Did you ever work with him?