Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Blog Post "Shrouded in Contradiction"

Hi. I'm Kori Montgomery. I'm eighteen. I'm from Prospect and graduated from Elgin. I'm studying Psychology at Ohio State University at Marion. After graduating from Marion I plan to go to Columbus to get my masters degree in Psychology. I'm a server at Bob Evans in Delaware.

"The men aren't hot" muttered Gelareh Asayesh when she was on the mountain. "Shrouded in Contradiction" was my favorite essay out of the two we had to read. I thought it was wrong that she didn't particularly want to wear the hijab but she was made to. She is required to wear it for Islam because women are not allowed to show their hair to anybody who they can marry. It's forbidden. She, however, wrapped it up off of her neck and she still got in trouble. I learned that it's so important to the women in that society to stay faithful to their beliefs. I come from a society where you do what you want and you can believe in what you want. Nobody is going to make you wear a headdress or make you pray. It's interesting for me to learn about other cultures who really enforce certain acts or attire when I've grown up without any religious background.


  1. I agree with what you say about us doing what we want. Since I grew up in the same society as you, I understand how strange it is for to hear about people being forced to do certain things. It really isn't right how they have to do what someone else tells them, especially something like what they wear.

  2. yeah definitely, pretty mucch that whole Islamic culture is based off of fear and following religious rules. Also in that paper I saw that she didn't really notice all the stifling rules until after she had lived in America for a couple years. Like maybe the women over there don't even notice that they are living as slaves?

  3. Hey Kori, it is Lauren. I almost got a job at Bob Evan's! I picked the same essay and pretty much the same quote. I can completely agree with you and can relate. I also grew up without any religious restrictions on what i should be wearing or doing. It is crazy for me to read something like this and think some women can't even show there hair. It would be such a cultural shock to have to live like that.