Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    My name is Ritu Sharma.  I am twenty years old. .I am a sophomore at the Ohi State University.I want to become a pharmacist. Thus, my major is pharamcutical sciences. Currently, my goal is to get into OSU's  pharmacy program. I, also, love being in english 1110, it is teaching me alot about writing and how to think deeply about the readings. So, I am excited to be here.
     " Stopping the epidemics spreading in our hospitals is not a problem of ignorance - of not having the know- how about what to do. It is a problem of compliance - a failureof an individual to apply that know-how correctly" - Atul Gawande, 211. Gawande says that it is not about ignoring the instruction and not doing what is told. However, it is about doing it correctly. I think I can see that doctors can be very busy with their patients, appointments and such. Due to their running around, they might not remember to do it properly. Doing the job is good. But, the problem is not doing it, the problem is how you do it. The important part is how you do it and it should be done correctly to get the best resutls and for the protection of others.

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