Sunday, September 30, 2012

Discussion questions for The Grapes of Wrath

1.) So far all the characters do seem to have flaws.  They all seem kinda of lost in life.  However, they all are able to talk.  Which is good because Joad doesn't really like to talk unless he has a few drinks in him. 
2.)Joad and the truck driver didn't get along on a lot of things.  During most of the chapter it seemed like mostly misunderstandings.  But towards the end when Joad brought up him doing time, things got tense.  I think Joad felt like the truck driver was being nosey. 
3.)Women don't seem to have too much place in this cultural.  It is a lot of them waiting on the men.  And them just being looked at as a piece of meat.
4.)I personally don't like all the detail. I feel it is overwhelming and unnecessary.  However in this passage... "The right of way was fenced, two strands of barbed wire on willow poles.  the poles were crooked and badly trimmed.  Whenever a crotch came to the proper height the wire lay in it, and where there was no crotch the barbed wire was lashed to the post with rusty baling wire.  Beyond the fence, the corn lay between down by wind and heat and drought, and the cups where leaf joined stalk were filled with dust."...  I liked.  Even though you wouldn't think it was needed.  It is nice to feel like you are in Joad's yellow shoes just walking on the road taking all the sights in. 
5.) The short chapter devoted to the turtle was very weird to me.  I am not quite sure why it was there, maybe it was something Joad witnessed.  Or maybe it was supposed to show how people react differently to something.  No matter the meaning, so far it was been my favorite chapter.  I was on the edge of my seat for this turtle life.  It was amazing how interesting Steinbeck can make a chapter like this.

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  1. Great observations, and I am now intrigued by the turtle chapter! Guess I will need to read also!