Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kyle Cavanaugh, First Post

Hi, My name is Kyle Cavanaugh.  I was born in Louisville, Kentucky but I grew up in Dublin, Ohio.  I currently live in Dublin.  It's about 45 min away from Marion and 15 min away from Columbus.  I work at Kroger in Dublin on my days off from school and on Saturdays.  In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends.
"None have been more daring than I.  I've wound my scarf into a turban, leaving my neck bare to the breeze.  The woman in black is a government employee paid to police public morals.  'Fix your scarf at
once!' she snaps. 'But I'm hot,' I say.'You're hot?' she exclaims. 'Don't you think we are all?' I star unwinding my make shift turban 'The men aren't hot,' I mutter. Her companion looks at me in shocked reproach. 'Sister, this isn't about men and women,' she says, shaking her head. 'This is about Islam.'
I found this essay very interesting being just by what you are wearing you are judged by everyone.  I find their culture much different then ours because they are very strict about what they can and can't wear even out in public.  It showed that after spending time in America it changed her views. She became more rebellious and didn't think it was necessary for her to wear a scarf when it was hot out.

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  1. That's a great excerpt from the reading. I appreciate what you chose because it explains the situation well. Since I haven't done the reading myself, I would have been unsure of the situation and who was talking to the author but the passage you chose included the scene and who was involved. Context in this case is so important because anyone could have said this to her. Thanks for really setting the scene!