Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Noah Lucas, First Post

Hi I'm Noah Lucas, I'm from a small town 20 minutes north of Marion. I played soccer all through high school and over the summer before school and really enjoyed it, I also enjoy working out, my family owns a gym in our town so it is very convenient for me. I like hanging out with my friends and end up in Columbus on the weekends to visit my buddies down there. I plan on transferring to main campus, if not next year, in two years and getting an apartment with some friends.

The reading that stood out to me was "Shrouded in Contradiction, by Gelareh Asayesh"

" I want to argue. I feel like a child. Defiant, but powerless. Burning with injustice, but also with a hint of shame. I do as  I am told, feeling acutely conscious of the bare skin I am covering. " This really opened my eyes and I feel like made me aware of how strict the rules are for women in this country. Even on extremely hot days, Asayesh, just wants to try and keep cool and wraps her hijab around her head but is instantly looked down upon and corrected. And even though she wants to argue back and stand up for herself, she contains her emotions and pulls her hijab back down and goes about her business.

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  1. Just like you I plan on transferring to main campus, considering I live in columbus. I also agree with your post and feel that everyone is ignorant in america to strong cultural traditions. I couldn't imagine being forced by society to submit.