Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Devon Hardwick

    Hello there! My name is Devon Hardwick and Marion has always been my home. I ma a history major with the plan to go on to seminary after my time here at Ohio State.  With my call into the ministry I have found that I have a good ear for listening and I am always open to hear the problems of my friends and classmates.  With my studies I have developed a passion for history and its play in the world around us.  I am an active member of the Marion County Historical Society, where I am a reactor and tour guide at the museum.  Needless to say I am very involved with my church and my church family.  I am a simple person who is always ready to talk and shear in good fellowship and to tell you about my lover for history.  After all what is history, but His story?
      "There isn't much they haven't tried. Walking about the surgical floors where I admit my patients, Yokoe and Marino showed me the admonishing signs they have posted, the sinks they have repositioned, the new ones they have installed."  I grew up in the home of a surgical nurse(my mother), who's practices at work followed her home with her at the day's end.  As I read this article, "On Washing Hands,"

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  1. Ministry isn't easy, my husband is a youth pastor. Glad you have a heart for it!