Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Abby Itterly and I live here in Marion, Ohio. I have worked at Sears for almost two years, and I hate it. I graduated from River Valley High School. I am currently an undecided major but I plan on going into audio engineering where I will be able to work with musicians and produce music. One day I hope to work at successful record label. My hobbies are hanging out with friends, going to concerts, listening to music, and reading.

In the essay by Gelareh Asayesh called Shrouded in Contradiction she said "None have been more daring than I. I've wound my scarf into a turban, leaving my neck bare to the breeze. The women in black is a government employee paid to police public morals. "Fix your scarf at once!" she snaps. "But I'm hot" I say "You're hot?" she exclaims "Don't you think we all are?" I start unwinding my makeshift turban. "Then men aren't hot" I mutter. Her companion looks at me in shock reproach. "Sister, this isn't about men and women," she says, shaking her head. "This is about Islam" I want to argue. I feel like a child. Defiant, but powerless. Burning with injustice, but also with a hint of shame. I do as I am told, feeling acutely conscious of the bare skin I am covering. In policing my sexuality, these women have made me more aware of it". I really like this passage because it gives you a scene where she is defying her Islamic culture but in the end feels remorse and judged. It really shows you how serious they are about their scarves. I liked how the author brought up how she murmured "The men aren't hot" because it gives us some insight on how she felt about being the only ones forced to be hot year-round. I think I learned that not all Islamic women are the same, clearly, and the seriousness that comes with wearing a head scarf.

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  1. This was one of my other favorite passages of this essay. i like how it shows that she wants to be equal to the men when in iran but in a different passages she goes to say that she wears that hijab for her religion and that she wants to wear it. this essay has a lot of back and forth with it.