Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Introduction Chris Hutchins

     Hey I'm Chris Hutchins and I am a freshman here at The Ohio State University. I plan on taking as many classes as I can here in Marion and then transfer to main campus. I graduated from Ridgedale High School, which is just north of Marion. I really enjoy spending time outdoors and hunting because I have been doing it since I was about 8 years old. I work part time at Bob Evans and also for my grandfathers lawn care business.

     "But making medicine go right is less often like making a difficult diagnosis than like making sure everyone washes their hands." I thought that this quote was important because it is interesting to think about that some people may go into a hospital for something simple like a cold and end up with an infection because of improper hand washing. This essay has really made me think of how important it is to wash your hands frequently, not only just around hospitals but everyday because bacteria is everywhere. What struck me the most was that Atul was a doctor and did not realize that by not washing his hands every time he interacted with a patient that he could spread disease and may have possibly infected his patients life line, his IV.


  1. This essay also made me realize how important it is to wash your hands, or at least use hand sanitizer when you can't get to a sink with soap. I also didn't know that hospitals could be so clean but yet dirty at the same time. I had no idea that so many people got infections from the doctors and nurses not washing their hands.

  2. Proper hand washing is something that is drilled into us from day one of kindergarten, and yet no one really minds it any attention. It might sound silly that something so simply could be a line between healthy and very sick, but it is.