Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lauren Bernard

First Post 

My name is Lauren. I am a freshman at Marion Ohio State Campus.  I am certainly only taking classes at Marion.  However, next semester I plan to be at Delaware.  And next year hopefully I will be at main campus.  I live in an apartment with a friend in Delaware.  I have a full time job at place called Choffey's, a coffee shop.  

 Her companion looks at me in shocked reproach. "Sister, this isn't about men and women," she says, shaking her head. "This is about Islam."

The essay that spoke to me was "Shrouded in Contradiction" by Gelareh Asayesh.  I have always seen women in those full body outfits and it would make me very upset.  When reading Gelareh essay she gave me a new outlook on them.  She looks at them as something she is just used to.  Something you just learn to deal with.  Just how someone in Florida deals with fizzy hair or how women wear pantyhose to work.  She deals with the extremes as well.  Gelareh quotes "I grew up wearing the miniskirt to school, the veil to the mosque".   I always would think the only reason these women are okay with wearing all that clothing is because it is the only way they have ever dressed.  But Gelareh proves me wrong, she wears both clothing.  It is pride for what you believe in.  It deserves a great deal of respect.     

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  1. I too thought that women who dressed wearing the full body covering outfits only wore those. This essay brought a lot of insight into the Islam culture and how she both likes and dislikes what she wears. I feel bad for her though because no matter what she wears someone will judge her, for either wearing too much or not enough.