Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I thought about "Shrouded in Contradiction"

My name is Mercedes Snyder and I am a freshman at The Ohio State University at Marion. My current major is Medical Laboratory Science. I hope to eventually get accepted into medical school but for now I have to have a major that has the prerequisites to get accepted into medical school. I chose the Medical Laboratory Science major because it not only has the prerequisites that I need, but it also had other interesting classes that I will enjoy. My goal is the get into medical school to get a degree in Oncology, cancer related, and hopefully change a lot of lives. I have four younger brothers and one older sister, all of whom I am very close with.

"Each time I return to Tehran, I wait until the last possible moment, when my plane lands on the tarmac, to don the scarf and long jacket that many Iranian women wear in lieu of a veil. To wear hijab- Islamic covering- is to invite contradiction. Sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I value it." This passage struck me as important because it obviously shows how she feels about the covering. She goes on to explain how she usually views it, or how she doesn't really notice it. She claims that the covering is really just something that is worn, not a symbol of any kind. On the opposite side though, she has to wear it and this makes her dislike wearing it. To the women who have to wear it, it is just something that is done but to others it symbolizes that they are women.


  1. Hey Mercedes, the medical field is a great choice, because you will always have a good job outlook and great pay. I think that she also wore it as a kind of rebellion because it offended so many people.

  2. Hi Mercedes, you are right on that she doesnt see the hijab as a symbol at all. It is pretty cool that yor going into the medical field and you definitely have plenty jobs you could go into.