Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nicole and my view on "Shroded in Contradiction"

Well, I'm Nicole Stacy. I am here at the Ohio State Marion campus for Nursing, to get that higher education we hear about since we were in elementary school. When i have the free time when I'm not working or here, I like to just hang out with my friends, read, or bowl. I am the oldest of my family, and I am trying to be the first one of my family to complete college, and to be a good example to my younger brother.
"Most of the time, i don't even notice it. It's annoying, but so is wearing pantyhose to work. It ruins my hair, but so does the humidity in Florida where I live." This is my favorite passage from "Shrouded in Contradiction". I like it cause it shows the inner fight she has with herself about wearing a hijab. She goes back and forth with liking it, and not liking it. She tells us one reason why she doesn't like it then comes with something else that makes her feel the same about it. I like this reading cause it shows the mind set of a younger girl wearing a hijab, and why she wears it. I like seeing that she doesn't want to wear it and that sometimes she does. Its like I can relate to her with it. With things I do want to do and then sometimes not wanting to do. It shows that they are just like us. That just cause they look different, or wear something different, doesn't make them totally different from us. We can't go judging others for what they look like, and what we think they are like from that.


  1. I can understand the going back and forth thing too, because I think we have all felt something like that in our lives.

  2. I agree with you on this. I liked that passage a lot because it gave you a feel of her indifference to the hijab at times. She seemed like a well spoken person and i really enjoyed her writing, at times. I also really liked the comparison with the hijab to the panty hose and etc.

  3. Its cool your going into Nursing so, am I. I also see what your saying about this passage we do go back and forth with things, just as Kori says.