Wednesday, September 19, 2012

David Daza Intro

Hey, I'm David Daza. I a, from Hilliard, drive here Monday through Thursday.  It's an hour drive and it sucks. I play soccer, a lot. I usually play at main campus, just pick up games. I am 17, pretty young. My major is international business. I speak Spanish, and english; I'm working on picking up French and Italian. I love learning new languages because it just allows you to interact with other people, sort of broaden your horizons.

Direct quote- her companion looks at me in shocked reproach, "sister, this isn't about men and woman," she says, shaking her head. "this is about Islam."

This passage stroke me the most because for one it gives you an idea on what goes on in other cultures around the worl and it shows you how strict and how committed they are to their religion and culture. It may seem weird for us to think that way but for them it's perfectly normal and they may think our culture is weird.


  1. Hey David, it's Lauren. I am pretty sure we have Native American together. I am completely with you on the driving. That is the main reason why I will be taking Delaware classes next semester. I think it is really cool that you want to learn all those languages. I only speak English and will probably only ever speak English. I tried Latin in High School, but it is a dead language so I don't how many people it will help me interact with.

  2. Hey David, I think it would be really inconvenient to have to drive that far, but it shows your commitment to getting an education and bettering yourself. Foreign languages are always fun to learn and to be able to communicate with other people is a great benefit.

  3. Hey David, I think it's cool that you play soccer. I went to a school that didn't have that as a sport and I always thought it looked fun. Wow, how amazing that you are only 17, and how great that you love foreign languages! I took four years of French in high school and it was a pretty cool language to learn. Since your major is international business, does that mean you have big plans to travel a lot, and if so where would you like to go most?

  4. Hey laurenand yeah we do have that class together and it sucks! I walked out half way through class last week! It's pretty impressive how you're working full time and at the same time you're going to school, props! Latin is retry cool though

    Chris, yeah languages are fun. And yeah the driving sucks!

    Mercedes, soccer is really fun! I try to play it every day. I'm just getting back into it. I was out for two years due to an injury! And traveling its a possibility, I love to travel, I've been to 8 different countries and lived in 3, it's fun!