Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hi, my name is Nathaniel Nielsen Burbury, and I am originally from a small town in upstate New York called Moors.  Aside from the three dairy farms and two restaurants there really isn't too much going on in Moors.  That's why my family moved to Ohio, back before the turn of the millennium.   I spend much of my free-time playing guitar and listening to music.  And I also get to travel quite a bit.  Also by this time next year I'll be living in northern California, then I'm moving down to San Francisco to pursue a degree in Linguistics at Berkley.
               "To wear the hijab--Islamic covering--is to invite contradiction.  Sometimes i hate it.  Sometimes I value it."  These words set the scene for Gelareh Asayseh's piece, "Shrouded in Contradiction."  She describes how when she was little, her homeland was a place of comfort and familiarity.  However, when she returned later in her life, after spending time in the United States, she realized how much bondage the women of her country lived in.  Specifically in the way they were and were not to dress and express themselves.  The way she described it made me think that perhaps the women who have lived in that bondage their whole life do not even realize how much they aren't allowed to do.  Perhaps one must now freedom to recognize bondage?

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  1. I really liked that part of the essay as well. It really makes you think about how different our lives truly are from others all over the world.